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Vericred Credit Bureau

We are Vericred

As a credit bureau, our aim is to render exemplary services to all our clients, but also to empower the consumer to engage and transact in an informed manner. We are the people’s bureau. We are VeriCred.

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Reliability and transparency, the key to yours and our Success

The credit landscape is a constantly changing one. As a bureau we adapt and innovate to ensure we are ahead of our peers and keep up with change. We do more than that though, we take you, the consumer, with us on this journey. We are not just another bureau, because you are not just another consumer.
~ Thinus Nortje - CEO of VeriCred Credit Bureau

How we can help you

When we offer to help you, we mean it. We want to provide you with a solution that is tailor-made to your needs. We really don’t want to just provide you with the standard, traditional service you are used to. Allow us the opportunity to not just innovate, but to innovate for you. How can we help you?

The Vericred Philosophy

We are not going to be everything for everyone, but we strive for excellence in everything we do and have trust based relationships with all our clients ensuring that all South Africans benefit.